The roots and beginnings of the first SIP products go back 70 years, when the small workshop Agroservis in Šempeter started servicing agricultural machinery. Today, the SIP factory at the company’s headquarters in Šempeter covers a total area of 80,000 m2, more than half of which is covered. The company employs highly qualified people and has a modern and well-organised production facility.

The company invests more than 10% of its annual sales turnover in the production facility, optimising productivity and enabling the production of advanced technologies that are integrated into our robust machines.

Advanced machine manufacturing technologies

All machines are manufactured in Slovenia at our headquarters in Šempeter using the most advanced industrial methods.

We use quality components and materials from world-renowned manufacturers to build our machines, because we want the most loaded parts of the machine to work perfectly.

All machine components are manufactured in our factory to ensure the highest possible quality and we can offer a 3-year warranty.

Constant upgrades

We have installed a bridge lift within the balancing machine, which covers the entire space with a weight of one tonne, and in addition to the lift, we have installed a welding fume extraction burner to protect the worker from toxic welding fumes,” explains David Štraus, welding department manager.

Sheet Metal Cutting and Forming

  • Laser cutting of sheet metal dimensions 1500 x 3000 mm, up to 15 mm thickness.
  • Laser cutting of tubes up to 170 mm in diameter.
  • CNC bending for parts with a maximum width of 4400 mm.
  • CNC tube bending up to 70 mm in diameter.



  • Manual welding MIG, MAG, TIG.
  • Robotic welding.

We perform manual (MIG, MAG, TIG) and robotic welding with advanced robots, increasing the precision and efficiency of processes.


  • Blasting of products up to 5000 mm in length.
  • Blasting of large welded units up to 2.5 tonnes.

Optimal Preparation: Blasting improves paint adhesion and extends the protection’s lifespan.


  • Cataphoresis coating (KTL) of products up to 3000 mm in length.
  • Powder coating of products up to 3000 mm in length.
  • Single-layer two-component wet painting of products up to 5000 mm in length.

Long-lasting Protection: KTL and powder coating ensure 1200 hours in a salt spray chamber, wet painting 650 hours.
Comprehensive Coverage: KTL provides complete coverage, including inaccessible areas.
High Quality: Powder coating and two-component wet painting offer a durable and aesthetic surface.

Mechanical Processing

  • Processing on the Sachman Frazer 7000 center for workpieces up to 7000 mm in length.
  • Internal spline and gear manufacturing with the FRÖMAG pull broaching machine with automatic feed of double-guided pull broaching needles up to 60 mm diameter for workpieces up to 600 mm in diameter.

Precision and Stability: 46-ton mass and high-quality construction ensure a stable and precise processing, enhancing the quality of final products.
Efficiency: Reducing production and setup times by combining operations without repositioning workpieces results in faster order fulfillment.
Flexibility: The large work table and rotary table allow the processing of complex parts in one setup, increasing adaptability for various projects.
Productivity: Separate units enable continuous processing of two workpieces simultaneously, increasing throughput and reducing waiting times.

Gear Manufacturing

  • Milling machine EMAG CLC 260 H for cylindrical gears up to 260 mm in diameter and splined shafts up to 1800 mm in length.
  • Milling machine Gleason Phoenix 600HC for bevel gears up to 600 mm in diameter and module 8.

Precision: Our advanced technology and closed-loop measurement system ensure top quality and exceptional precision of gears with a milling quality of grade 5 according to DIN.
Flexibility: We manufacture various types of gears, including straight, spiral, and hypoid gears, tailored to your specific needs. We also offer heat treatment of gears.
Productivity: Advanced technology enables the rapid production of hundreds of gears daily, increasing throughput and reducing waiting times.
Stability: Optimized gear microgeometry ensures quieter operation and longer product life.


Did you know that we use more than 55 tonnes of welding wire per year in our production, 18 tonnes of which are used in robotic welding?

With robotic arc welding, we fully automate the MIG (M – metal, I – inert, G – gas) arc welding process, both in the production of the weld itself and in the manipulation of the weldments. The quality, consistency, safety and precision of robotic welding contribute to increased productivity, as compared to manual welding.


Did you know what the advantages of powder coating are?

The advantages of powder coating include functional protection, excellent corrosion resistance and high resistance to chemical and mechanical influences. Powder coating also offers a wide spectrum of colour shades, glows and textures. Powder coatings are also free of solvents and toxic, volatile or flammable components.


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