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SIP offers comprehensive manufacturing services, including mechanical processing, gear manufacturing, powder coating with cataphoresis, and project solutions. Our high-quality production is based on a long tradition of making durable and robust agricultural machinery, for which we offer a 3-year warranty. Advanced technology and expertise ensure precision, efficiency, and reliability.

With expert knowledge and advanced technologies, we are a reliable partner for all your needs in the production of semi-finished products, gears, painting, and products for initial installation. Contact us for more information and an offer tailored to your requirements.

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Mechanical Processing

Sachman Frazer 7000 machining center has been providing top-notch mechanical processing for three years. With its size, rotary table, and stepless head, it allows the processing of large workpieces up to 7000 mm without repositioning. The machine ensures high quality and stability of processing and reduces production and setup times.

Precision and Stability: 46-ton mass and high-quality construction ensure a stable and precise processing, enhancing the quality of final products.
Efficiency: Reducing production and setup times by combining operations without repositioning workpieces results in faster order fulfillment.
Flexibility: The large work table and rotary table allow the processing of complex parts in one setup, increasing adaptability for various projects.
Productivity: Separate units enable continuous processing of two workpieces simultaneously, increasing throughput and reducing waiting times.

Gear Manufacturing

With the new EMAG CLC 260 H and Gleason Phoenix 600HC technologies, we offer superior gear manufacturing services. The EMAG CLC 260 H enables the milling of cylindrical gears up to 260 mm in diameter and splined shafts up to 1800 mm in length, while the Gleason Phoenix 600HC ensures the production of bevel gears up to 600 mm in diameter and module 8.

Precision: Our advanced technology and closed-loop measurement system ensure top quality and exceptional precision of gears with a milling quality of grade 5 according to DIN.
Flexibility: We manufacture various types of gears, including straight, spiral, and hypoid gears, tailored to your specific needs. We also offer heat treatment of gears.
Productivity: Advanced technology enables the rapid production of hundreds of gears daily, increasing throughput and reducing waiting times.
Stability: Optimized gear microgeometry ensures quieter operation and longer product life.

Surface Protection

We offer premium surface protection services, including KTL anti-corrosion protection, powder coating, and single-layer two-component wet painting, providing long-lasting protection and an aesthetic appearance of your products.

KTL (cataphoresis) is a dipping method that uses electric current to apply paint. It ensures comprehensive corrosion protection, as the paint reaches even inaccessible areas. The maximum dimensions for KTL and powder coating are up to 3000 mm, weight up to 300 kg.
Powder coating is a process where powder paint is electrostatically applied and cured at high temperatures, ensuring a durable, resistant, and aesthetic surface.
Single-layer two-component wet painting is suitable for products up to 5000 mm in length. This method involves applying two paint components, which chemically harden, providing high resistance and durability.

Mechanical Blasting Pre-Treatment – we also offer mechanical blasting, which prepares the surface for optimal paint application, removes impurities, and increases paint adhesion.

Comprehensive Project Solutions

Our project solutions cover the entire process of manufacturing products for initial installation, from sheet metal cutting to technical consulting. We boast state-of-the-art equipment and experts who ensure top results.

Sheet Metal Laser Cutting: We enable laser cutting of sheet metal with dimensions 1500 x 3000 mm and thickness up to 15 mm.
Tube Laser Cutting: We enable laser cutting of tubes up to a diameter of 170 mm.
Sheet Metal Bending: We ensure high-quality bending of sheet metal up to 4400 mm in width.
Welding: We perform manual (MIG, MAG, TIG) and robotic welding with advanced robots, increasing the precision and efficiency of processes.
Surface Protection: We offer KTL anti-corrosion protection and powder coating of products up to 3000 mm in length. Additionally, we provide single-layer two-component wet painting for products up to 5000 mm in length.
Blasting: Blasting of products up to 5000 mm in length for optimal surface preparation.
Mechanical Processing: We boast an extensive machine park with various processing technologies.

Our experts will gladly advise you and collaborate with you in selecting appropriate technologies and processes to ensure products for initial installation are made to the highest standards and your requirements.

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