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A new level of #experienceSIP


A brand new SIP Center has opened its doors, marking the icing on the cake of the first seven decades of the SIP story and bringing a whole new office experience to us and all our guests. SIP is making its way as one of the leading brands in the industry, now also setting high new standards in innovative working environments in manufacturing companies and building on global industry trends.

The Center has been thoughtfully integrated into the environment in which we are located with our “factory”, which is a village, not an industrial zone. The Center, while embodying the SIP brand, does not infringe crudely on the environment, but rather enriches it with a large, green square surrounded by trees instead of a fence.

The SIP Center fully and uncompromisingly follows the rules of the SIP brand and, as an environment, co-creates the experience we promise: robustness, simplicity and systematicity.

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Keeping the traditional bonds: SIP retirees visit

SIP is a company that values tradition and builds its plans on the experience of the past. This means that the link with former SIPers is very important to us. Until the now almost forgotten Corona...

Junior Day in SIP

This year, we invited our pre-school and primary school children to see where parents spend the working part of their day. And because December is a time of work spiced with fun, we’ve prepared...

Support, Service and Spare Parts Conference

On Monday, 27.11.2023, a successful conference was held at the SIP Centre, dedicated to the support, service and spare parts departments for partners from Slovenia and the Balkans. The event was...