SIP partners and ambassadors

Pascual Galindo, AG GROUP, Spain

“The collaboration between SIP and AG GROUP is impressive. They listen to our proposals, develop new products, and adapt to the needs of the Spanish market. SIP is a reliable partner and supplier. We are passionate about product quality, continuous investment in development, and new technologies.”

Christian Sanoll, Italy

“Our collaboration with SIP began 25 years ago. The name SIP is gaining recognition and quality, and SIP is becoming a strong and successful brand. The company focuses on the needs of users and ensures the highest quality of products.”

Rok Suhodolnik, Slovenia

“We constantly update agricultural machinery with SIP machines and as the machines improve in general, we modernize our machines as well. We work closely with SIP and I also see the advantage of being close, which means that if we need anything, also spare parts are always available. Their machines are of high quality and also suitable for our hilly area.”

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