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“SIP is a brand you can trust!”

Julien Pignol is a director of a family company ETS Pignol, founded in 1934 and located in Loubaresse, in the region of Auvergne. “With company SIP we have been collaborating since 2018. We are...

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“Working with SIP tedders is a pleasure”

“Because of the quality design and easy operation of the machine, working with SIP tedders is a pleasure. The spreading is even and efficient, ” says SIP Ambassador Anton Medved about the...

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“The quality of the forage is top-notch”

“I am satisfied with the SIP SPIDER 685|6 tedder with spring hook tines. It did a great job and is powerful,” said Lasse Bødskov from Denmark. On his farm near Engesvang, he produces...


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