We declare

  1. that during the warranty period, the product will operate flawlessly if you use it in accordance with its purpose and
  2. the enclosed instructions;
  3. that upon your request, we will repair any flaw or defect of the machine if you inform us of it in writing during the
  4. warranty period. The defect will be repaired free of charge at the latest within 45 days from the day of the report of
  5. the defect. The product, which cannot be repaired within the aforementioned deadline, will be replaced by a new one
  6. at your request. We will extend your warranty period for the time of the repair.
  7. the warranty does not exclude the consumer rights arising from the liability of the vendor for product defects.
  8. that the buyer can register for an additional one-year warranty period under specific conditions at the authorized
  9. a service provider within the period of 24 months from the beginning of the general warranty validity*.
  10. warranty is valid in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia and in countries where the manufacturer has an authorized service – EU and worldwide.

The warranty takes effect from the date of the purchase of the product in retail, which is proved by the verified

Warranty Certificate, the original machine invoice, and the Handover Document.

The warranty becomes invalid due to the:

  1. failure to comply with the instructions supplied with the machine and misuse of the machine;
  2. use of an inadequate PTO shaft;
  3. negligent handling of the product or overloading, which causes damage;
  4. interference with the product by an unauthorized person;
  5. non-use of original spare parts;
  6. damage caused by mechanical shock due to the fault of the buyer or a third person;
  7. damage due to force majeure (flooding, fire, lightning strike, etc.).

When reporting a defect by phone or in writing, please inform our Authorised Service Provider of:

  1. the type and the serial number of the product;
  2. the nature of the defect;
  3. your full address.

The servicing period:

  1. is the period during which we guarantee servicing and spare parts;
  2. it commences on the date of purchase of the product and terminates at the end of 10 years.

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