Customer support

Customer support

Customer support

SIP Customer support is a global network with the mission to offer support to all end users of SIP products.

Goals of SIP customer support:

-    Every machine is handed over by trained personnel.
-    Guarantied 3-year warranty period.
-    Guarantied 10-year availability of spare parts.
-    Constantly reducing the number of warranty claims.





We are here to consult you directly on the field, by email or over the telephone.






SIP world representatives go through education and training at SIP headquarters. SIP training certificate is a mark of professionally trained and technically competent representatives. The representative is qualified to help the customer directly on the field.

Every second year we organize the SIP distributor conference with the aim of exchanging information from the world agricultural market.







SIP Demo team organizes field presentations, which work as an instrument of support to our world representatives.







Every machine is handed over for use by authorized service technician. During the startup the buyer is acquainted with the use, operation and handling of the machine.






Instructions for work, spare parts list, service booklet and mounting instructions are a “must read” for the owner of SIP machine.





SIP 3-year warranty means 2 years general warranty, and the possibility of extending it to one additional year without restrictions.


3 = 2 + 1


This will allow you to repair your Extended Warranty Machine for an additional year after your general warranty expires.


What the Extended Guarantee brings to costumer

 - Long-term protection against unexpected costs of vehicle repairs.

 - Machine maintenance and repair at authorized service centers.

 - Use of original SIP spare parts.

 - Maintaining Machine Value / Higher Resale Value.

 - Use of machine data throughout its service life.

 - The guarantee is transferable (continued personal use).



What is the subject of an extended warranty

One year renewal is possible for machines with a build year from 2020.



Signing up for an extended warranty

 - The application for the conclusion of the extended warranty must be submitted by the end user 30 days before the expiry of the 2-year general warranty at the seat of an authorized service center.

 - Following this request, and after verifying the information, our service center will perform a service inspection of the machine to check the technical integrity of the machine.

 - The customer must pay for the cost of the inspection, which amounts to one service hour of an authorized service center.

 - In case of damage or excessive wear of consumables and safety components that are not subject to a valid 2-year general warranty, the customer must remove them within 30 days after the inspection.




 The authorized service center is a sales service organization (dealer) or an independent service provider that has obtained SIP authorization. It is evidenced by the authorization of the premises and equipment necessary for performing the service activity, and by trained personnel, whereby the competence is evidenced by a certificate issued by a SIP or SIP authorized person. The training of the service personnel is carried out at the headquarters of the SIP company or the headquarters of the assignee, following the prescribed program for the systematization of training, taking into account a certain level and periodicity.


The technical integrity of the machine is checked against the points of the control protocol, which contains the following elements:

-        visual inspection such as unjustified damage and wear and tear to working bodies, drive elements and safety components.

-        Functional inspection: disassembling and folding the machine, idling.

-        Assessment of maintenance required.



Contract Terms - Extended SIP 1 Year Warranty

  •  - 2-year warranty valid. 
  • - Application for the 1-year extended warranty must be made within 30 days before the expiry of the standard 2-year warranty, and made at the authorized service center and upon submission of a service booklet and original invoice.
  • - Completed warranty inspection by an authorized service center to check the technical integrity of the machine.
  • - The entry of validity of the extended warranty in the service book by an authorized service center and sent to SIP company.
  • - Applies to machines with a production year from 2020.



For any questions you can contact our authorized service centers and SIP customer support:

tel .: +386 (0) 3 703 8 500 or

We are happy to advise you from Monday to Friday between 7 am and 3 pm.


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Contact personnel:

Benjamin Žgank
Tel: +386 (0)3 70 38 732 
Blaž Cvikl
Tel: +386 (0)3 70 38 525 
Tone Laznik
Tel: +386 (0)3 70 38 562