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A brand new SIP Center has opened its doors, marking the icing on the cake of the first seven decades of the SIP story and bringing a whole new office experience to us and all our guests. SIP is making its way as one of the leading brands in the industry, now also setting high new standards in innovative working environments in manufacturing companies and building on global industry trends.

The Center has been thoughtfully integrated into the environment in which we are located with our “factory”, which is a village, not an industrial zone. The Center, while embodying the SIP brand, does not infringe crudely on the environment, but rather enriches it with a large, green square surrounded by trees instead of a fence.

The SIP Center fully and uncompromisingly follows the rules of the SIP brand and, as an environment, co-creates the experience we promise: robustness, simplicity and systematicity.

Project launch

Like any good project, the SIP Center project started with a starting point that took into account all stakeholders equally: employees, customers, announced and random visitors, passing travelers, neighbours living across the street, and the whole of Šempeter as SIP’s hometown.

Following the rules of the brand

The SIP Center fully and uncompromisingly follows the SIP brand rules and, as an environment, co-creates the experience we promise: robustness, simplicity, and systematicity. Now that the hardest part is over, both the contractors who built the center and the visitors are impressed by it, and first and foremost they are amazed at the level we set in the environment, the industry and well beyond.

The purpose of the SIP Center

The SIP Center is a showground for SIP machinery, a learning center for our customers and users, and a conference hall that can host up to 200 people.

In addition to these spaces for the general public, there are also offices and meeting rooms designed for SIP teams.

Unique and simple architecture

Like the exterior, the interior has been designed to provide a unique user experience. We achieved this with an architecture that is basically very simple, as it is in fact a composition of two rectangles and one trapezoid.

The special features are the way in which these elements are assembled, the combination of façade and glass, and the internal layout of the spaces, where the ramp is particularly breathtaking. It is not only the visitors but also the designers and contractors, who have often found it literally breathtaking. We also paid a lot of attention to the choice of wall and ceiling materials, floors, lighting, furniture, and all the other little details.

The SIP Center and its surroundings in numbers

  • Construction fittings and iron: 219,692 kg
  • Steel construction: 251,000 kg
  • Concrete structures (walls, foundations, base slabs): 1,823 m3
  • Concrete floors (internal and external): 1,036 m3
  • Rough ground concrete floor: 1,348 m2
  • Polished concrete floors: 3,200 m2
  • Glass facade area: 900 m2
  • Internal glass walls: 330 m2
  • Acoustic cladding (ceiling, walls): 4,040 m2
  • 67 trees and 424 ornamental grasses planted

Massive glass doors

The huge glass doors were a particular challenge. They are very large and therefore extremely heavy, so they don’t stand out:

West glass door: 1,100 kg / one leaf 550 kg
North glass door: 1,060 kg / one leaf 530 kg

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