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SALES / News / We hosted the Innovative Young Farmer/Farmer 2023 award in our new SIP center

We hosted the Innovative Young Farmer/Farmer 2023 award in our new SIP center

Photo: Rok Rakun/

On Friday, 13 October, we hosted the Innovative Young Farmer/Farmer 2023 award ceremony, organised by the Slovenian Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry and the Slovenian Rural Youth Association, at the new SIP Centre in Šempeter.

We share an industry that is important for the life of our planet and that has been tested for centuries. First and foremost, it is adapting to nature, with all the challenges it brings, to population growth, to changing dietary habits and, last but not least, to political and economic regulations, which are sometimes more, sometimes less, lenient.

Innovation in the broadest sense of the word is the driving force behind the development of all, including our common industry and the individual stories that were represented by the young farmers at the 14th IMK. That is why we were delighted to open our doors to all the young women and men farmers who entered the past and this year’s IMKs, and to all those who have stood by them on their path to innovation. Not only at the award ceremony in our new centre, but also on the way to sharing experiences and ideas for a prosperous future together and good food on our plates.


This year’s IMK winner is Toni Grobelnik from Podbornik Farm in Galicija near Žalec, who farms 34 ha of fields and meadows and produces meat. His herd includes 80 head of selected beef cattle breeds, but he also keeps pigs and poultry. The beef is dry-aged and air-dried for 8 weeks, developing a specific taste and smell while softening the muscle fibres.


We are also pleased to note that the Podbornik farm uses SIP machines.


This year’s winner of the 14th selection was presented with a plaque by the President of the Republic of Slovenia, Nataša Pirc Musar.

Toni Grobelnik is the fourth generation to run the farm, and he and his wife Tamara have two sons.

He pays great attention to the preparation of quality animal forage, meat processing, the choice of quality spices, and the drying and maturing processes.


Compliments to all and congratulations to the winner!


You can read more about the event here IZJAVA ZA JAVNOST IMK 2023