An important part of our strategy is, in addition to selling quality machines, to provide quality support to everyone who encounters our machines in the field. These are both dealers and service technicians, because through them the end users of our machinery also get the “SIP experience”.


We provide technical training of the first and second level (Master 1 and Master 2). At both levels, we acquaint the participants and present in detail all the criteria for claiming the 3-year warranty that we have offered to users. The training programs are two-day, and the participants are recognized with a certificate with which they obtain the status of an authorized SIP service technician for starting machines and for maintaining and extending the three-year warranty.


Commercial trainings are intended for our traders from all over the world. We organize them in different languages, and inform traders about the novelties of our program and useful information for our end users. After completing a two-day training, they receive a SIP certificate.


With the expansion of the SIP sales network and a larger number of retailers around the world, SIP also organizes training abroad at the headquarters of partner companies. The program is similar to ours at the company’s headquarters, only a tour of SIP production is omitted.

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