Frost, humidity, and machine inactivity can drastically affect the lifespan and durability of the machine when the mowing and forage season is at its peak if the machine is not properly prepared for winter.
At the end of the season, it is crucial how you prepare your machine for winter so that it will be ready when the mowing season starts again.

☑️ So, it is advisable to carry out post-season maintenance and urgent work on the machine, which is crucial for its lifespan and reliability.

❓ What are the main steps in preparing a tedder for a winter?

? First, clean the machine with water and leave it in place for at least another 5 minutes.
? Check the grease and oil to ensure quieter and smoother running.
? Check all moving parts and lubricate them as instructed. This is important for the joints to remain maintained and it also expands the lifespan of the joints. ?
? Lubricate all PTO shaft joints according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
? Replace any damaged spring tines so that the machine is ready for the first spring tedding.
? Coat all pistons of hydraulic cylinders that are extended in the stored position with anti-corrosion protection;
? For the end, check the pressure in the tires.

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