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SIP’s sales organisations in Europe

We are a company that follows a defined strategy of healthy and quality sales revenue growth in a way that creates a good customer and partner experience. As in manufacturing, we strive to increase efficiency, improve the quality of our services and maximise flexibility in sales. We have built up a sales network consisting of our own subsidiaries in strategic markets, and we are also building a quality network of distributors and dealers in other markets.

Since 2016, we have established our own sales companies in France, the UK, Germany, Poland, and Croatia.

SIP Croatia

Due to proximity to Slovenia, market, and language knowledge, we first opened a sales company SIP distribucija d.o.o. in Croatia in 2016, where we have one employee. In Croatia, sales are not only made through dealers but also directly to end customers. Željko and his Slovenian team visit mainly large farms, where we see the possibility of cooperation, and present our machines at all important trade fair and demonstration events in Croatia. We are proud that our machines are used on the largest farms in Croatia, which measure up to 1500 ha and have up to 3500 dairy cows.

05-Željko Šoštarić

Željko Šoštarić – Sales Manager


SIP United Kingdom

The UK is a very demanding market with great potential, with grassland covering 40% of its territory. Our subsidiary SIP DISTRIBUTION UK LTD was established there in 2017. Today we have 4 employees who are working every day to break into the proverbial traditional British agricultural machinery dealer system. Today we work with seven dealers who sell SIP machines in all their branches. We are delighted to be working with dealers with their own extensive network of multiple branches selling John Deere (Netherton Tractors, Cornthwaite) and New Holland (Ernest Doe) tractors.


Martin Holden, Director of SIP DISTRIBUTION UK LTD (left), Alan Watt – Area Sales Manager (right)


SIP France

In 2018, we set up our subsidiary SIP France. The potential for sales of our machines in France is also high. There, grassland accounts for 45% of all agricultural land. France has become SIP’s largest export market in five years, growing rapidly since its launch in 2018. Since the beginning, Sales Manager Marcel Bouget has played an important role in developing and conquering this market. In five years, together with our colleagues in France, we have been able to build up an extensive network of agricultural machinery dealers covering a good part of France. Most of the dealers are large tractor dealers, but we are particularly pleased to have been able to get into the SCAR cooperative (Société Coopérative de l’Artisanat Rural).


Marcel Bouget – Sales Manager SIP France (left), Louis Saillard – Area Sales Manager ( in the middle), Valentin Rio – Area Sales Manager (right)


SIP Deutschland

Germany is the largest economy in Europe and Slovenia’s largest export market. After the outbreak of the Covid, Germany declared the agriculture and food industry a systemically important sector. As the sales potential for agricultural machinery in this market is enormous, in 2021 we established our subsidiary SIP Deutschland GmbH to also serve this market. The size of the market – Germany has almost five million hectares of grassland, of which less than 30% is farmland – makes it very challenging. This season, two of our German employees have participated in 11 events that we have organised, either on our own or in cooperation with our dealers. In creating a network of dealers who will sell our machines, participation in promotional events is also of paramount importance in this market. To date, we have developed cooperation with five dealers in Germany.


Andreas Riedler, Area Sales Manager Southern Germany (left), and Raphael Ludwig – Area Sales Manager Western Germany (right)


SIP Poland

Sales activities in the Polish market started very intensively five years ago, but last year the situation matured to such an extent that we opened a subsidiary company SIP DYSTRYBUCJA PL Sp. z.o.o. Poland is a specific market with many potentials, but also with major obstacles that need to be skilfully jumped. We have managed to attract two large dealers selling John Deere and Case IH tractors to our dealer network. In cooperation with Polish colleagues and customers, we have organised and participated in 12 major trade fairs and demonstration events this season.


Janusz Ferenc – Sales Manager SIP DYSTRYBUCJA PL Sp. z.o.o. (left) and Adam Kowalewski – service specialist


More information about SIP sales network can be found here, and information about our sales service can be found here.