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SALES / News / SIP starts co-operation with KRAMP

SIP starts co-operation with KRAMP

Our commitment is continuous improvement of  SIP user’s experience, so we set a higher level in the supply of spare parts. We already offer a 10-year guarantee of the availability of the spare parts from the purchase of the machine. In addition, we want to ensure the delivery of spare parts within 24 hours of the order. 


SIP concluded strategic cooperation with the company KRAMP to improve the availability and responsiveness in the supply of spare parts.  


With the three KRAMP HUBs, we will provide overnight deliveries to our strategic markets in the UK, Germany, and Poland. Through these centers, spare parts supply will be also provided in Ireland (ROI and NI), Hungary, Romania, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. In the future, we plan to expand to other European markets. 


Cooperation with KRAMP will contribute to more up-to-date planning of production and purchasing channels, improve the labeling and packaging standards of individual parts, transparency, and selection of spare parts with the connected digital platforms. All in all, it represents a big step towards a more responsive and efficient supply of spare parts. 


Director Sales  

Andrei Cosovici