We invite you to the demonstration of SIP agricultural machinery for harvesting grass, organized by our business partner, the company EDER Landtechnik from Germany. EDER Landtechnik is a reputable dealer for tractors of the renowned CASE and STEYER brands and deals with advanced solutions in the agricultural sector.

The event will feature top-of-the-line agricultural grass harvesting machines designed to improve productivity and efficiency when working on agricultural land. Recognized experts will demonstrate and present various connector models and their operation in practice.


Event date: August 16, 2023

Time: follow https://www.facebook.com/Eder.Landtechnik

Place: Prutting near Stephanskirchen, Germany


At this unique event you will have the opportunity to:

  • View the diverse range of SIP agricultural machines for grass harvesting and the latest models of CASE and STEYER tractors and learn about their features.
  • To test the connections in operation and make sure of their efficiency.
  • To meet with representatives of EDER Landtechnic and SIP and to exchange experiences and information.
  • Get expert advice on the right connectors for your specific needs.

Join us in exploring innovative solutions for modern agriculture. The event will be an opportunity to connect, exchange knowledge and gain valuable insights into top agricultural machinery.

We look forward to your participation and socializing at the event.


Best regards,

SIP team