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SALES / News / World Milk Day: With SIP machines to better forage quality

World Milk Day: With SIP machines to better forage quality

As a reminder of the global importance of milk and dairy products in human nutrition, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has declared 1 June as World Milk Day.

Milk production, as one of the most important directions of agriculture, requires the production of quality forage from grassland at the lowest possible cost. Awareness of the importance of clean forage and nutrients preservation and at the same time fast and efficient harvesting drives us to develop innovative solutions, which we integrate into our robustly designed machines and thus ensure high-quality forage harvesting.








SILVERCUT DISC mowers with the innovative S-FLOW hitch in combination with hydro-pneumatic suspension ensure even pressure and perfect ground adaptation. The S-FLOW hitch also allows excellent lateral adjustment of the mower, thus preventing the soil, sand, and stones contamination of the mowed forage.

The S-FLOW hitch allows the movement of the cutter bar vertically from 300 mm upwards to 200 mm downwards, and laterally in the range of ± 28°. This adaptation enables clean mowing without the forage contamination even on more difficult terrains.



To ensure rapid wilting and nutrient preservation of the forage, tedding is an important part of forage harvesting. Our rotary tedders SPIDER with innovatively designed rotors enable even and fast spreading of cut forage, whereby the spreading angle can be easily adjusted according to the amount of crop. The spring tines on the rotors are different in length, which ensures greater forage flow and prevents the spring tines from scratching on the ground and thus the introduction of ash into the forage.

With innovatively designed rotors, SPIDER tedders enable even and fast spreading of cut forage. Different length of spring tines prevents scratching on the ground and thus introducing dirt into the forage.



Rotary rakes STAR, with an innovative hydro-pneumatic suspension system in combination with a walking tandem and hydraulic adjustment of the rotors, enable perfect adaptation to the ground. The rotors move independently of the chassis arms and provide 3D tracking of the ground, while the spring tines remain parallel to the ground, ensuring clean raking without introducing ash into the swath even on diverse terrain. The swaths are airy and clean, and the nutritional value of the forage is preserved.

The 3D tracking of the rotor with the spring arms remaining parallel to the ground forms clean and airy swath without introducing ash even on diverse terrain.


The AIR raking technology enables the production of high-quality forage as it lifts the forage from the ground and gently places it into the swath. This prevents the introduction of soil, sand, or stones into the feed, as well the losses of leaves in clover and alfalfa. Additionally, when raking with AIR pick-up rakes, the tractor will never drive on the cut forage, thus preserve nutrients and prevent contamination of the fodder.

The AIR technologies are a step forward in raking. The forage is gentle to lifted off the ground and placed into a swath, while the introduction of ash and the loss of delicate leaves in clover or alfalfa are prevented.


At SIP, we have developed systems that prevent contamination of forage with soil and sand and at the same time ensure high efficiency of harvesting. As one of the leading manufacturers of grassland harvesting machinery, we ensure the production of clean and quality forage with machines designed according to the needs of our users. In this way, we can contribute to the economic result of dairy farms, to better forage production, health, and well-being of dairy breeds.