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SALES / News / WEKOAGRO expands sales of SIP machinery in Denmark

WEKOAGRO expands sales of SIP machinery in Denmark

Published 16. feb. 2024, Author: Theis Meilby Eriksen, Photo: Wekoagro.


Wekoagro Machinery continues as the exclusive distributor of SIP machines in Denmark. In addition, they are also expanding sales in the departments in Bording, Hoven and Lundtofte.

The well-known red machines for grassland are now available in a wider range of locations in Jutland. Wekoagro Machinery has just confirmed that they will continue as the exclusive distributor of SIP’s machines in Denmark, according to a press release from Wekoagro.

In addition, it is now also clear that the red machines, which were previously sold from the Hammel branch, are now available in Lundtofte, Bording and Hoven.



From left to right are Tomi Korpinen, Sales Manager at SIP for Scandinavia, Andrei Cosovici, Sales Director at SIP, Tom Myrdal, Managing Director at Wekoagro Machinery and Karsten Nielsen, Market Manager for Potatoes, Water and Grassland at Wekoagro Machinery. Photo: Wekoagro.


Karsten Nielsen, Marketing Manager for Potatoes, Water and Grassland at Wekoagro Machinery, is excited about this:

I am very pleased that we now have the opportunity to present the fantastic SIP machines in several of our branches, including the new branch in Lundtofte. We have been the exclusive distributor of SIP in Denmark for a long time, so we know the machines inside out. We know that they are quality machines that also fit very well with the large professional farms and machine centres we have in Denmark,” says Karsten Nielsen.

The fact that Wekoagro retains the agency for SIP also means that SIP will come up with new products that will be specially adapted to the Danish market, where large professional farms and machine centres are very important in the market.


New opportunities for employee training

SIP in Slovenia, which produces more than 6,000 units a year at their factory, has new facilities at their headquarters, which according to Karsten Nielsen gives Wekoagro new opportunities to train and upskill their employees:

The new facilities that SIP has built give us new opportunities to offer our employees exclusive training and education at SIP, so we can become even better at working on the machines. This will be especially relevant when we need to move the machines around to more of our locations,” he says.

According to Karsten Nielsen, this is of great importance now that the red machines from Slovenia are travelling to several of WekoAgro Machinery’s locations in central, western and southern Jutland:

This way, you can be sure that no matter where you get service or repairs done on your SIP machine, the employees are in full control of the machine,” he says.

The new facilities at SIP also mean that they will be able to manufacture and offer new and larger machines. For example, they manufacture the world’s largest towed cutterbar, which is 15 metres long.


There will be a machinery trade in Lundtofte

At the turn of the year, Wekoagro Machinery officially took over Lundtofte Maskinservice, where the focus has been on irrigation systems. In the future, however, it will also be possible to purchase machines in Lundtofte.

Initially, it will be the red SIP machines that will be on display in southern Jutland. According to Karsten Nielsen, this makes sense, as there are many cattle farmers in that area.

Of course, we will maintain the service and quality that they are known for in Lundtofte. In addition, the acquisition also gives us the opportunity to establish a machine trade at the location in Lundtofte. This will be a great advantage for the skilled farmers in the area, as SIP delivers high-quality machines in all sizes and in this way they are also well geared for the large professional Danish farms,”says Karsten Nielsen


Wekoagro Machinery will also try to run some demo runs in the coming grassland season, where Danish farmers and contractors will really get the opportunity to experience what the big red machines are capable of.


Original article is available  here.