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SALES / News / The new robust and versatile SIP Belt Mower

The new robust and versatile SIP Belt Mower

SIP introduces a new robust belt mower with a working width of up to 10.20 meters.

The new Disc HD 1000 D from SIP can now be equipped with conveyor belts for swath forming, says the manufacturer in a press release ahead of Agritechnica 2023.

The disc mower combination is also equipped with a telescope for side-shifting and adjusting the swath width. Each mower deck can be extended by up to 51.5 centimeters thanks to the SIP telescopic system, which means that the swath width can be adjusted from 1.8 to 3.5 meters.

The mower is equipped with a hydro-pneumatic relief system, which is adjustable for each individual unit. The relief system can be easily adjusted from the tractor cab to control how much contact the unit needs to make with the ground. It also has a hydraulic safety system that pulls the mower backwards and upwards in the event of a collision.

The mower is equipped with safety clutches and what SIP calls the OMS (Online Monitoring System), an information system that continuously monitors the machine’s performance and helps prevent damage to the cutting bars that can occur due to overloading.

The mower is equipped with  steel finger conditioner, which ensure that the grass is properly compacted and therefore dries faster.


The Disc HD 1000 D will be on the SIP stand at Agritechnica 2023.

You can read more in the original article, which can be found here.