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SIP DISC HD – The new generation of mowers for professional users

Quality, productivity and innovation come together in the new generation of SIP DISC HD mowers, specially designed for professional users. With a completely redesigned approach to mower technology, SIP engineers have developed advanced mowers that set new benchmarks in the industry. Whatever the working conditions, weather fluctuations and challenging terrains, the SIP DISC HD is ready to answer every need.

High productivity and superior forage quality

The new generation of SIP DISC HD disc mowers boasts maximum productivity and outstanding forage quality. Developed in close cooperation with experts and taking into account user feedback, these mowers deliver top results whatever the challenge. A working width of up to 10.2 metres allows large areas to be mown in the shortest possible time.

Adaptable to changing conditions

A unique feature of the new generation of SIP DISC HD mowers is their exceptional flexibility. With conveyor belts, conditioning, and raking technology, you can mow, conditioning, and make swaths in a single step. This is crucial in the changing weather conditions that affect day-to-day farm work. This system saves time and energy and ensures that forage is prepared quickly and efficiently.

Innovative technology for reliability

The SIP DISC HD is equipped with a range of innovative systems to safeguard and monitor the loads on the drive trains. This enables immediate action to be taken to prevent potential machine breakdowns, ensuring uninterrupted operation and reducing repair costs. At the same time, automation allows easy control via an electro-hydraulic controller or connection to ISOBUS, which contributes to a better user experience.

Modular construction for flexibility

The SIP DISC HD can be adapted to different user needs and requirements as it is equipped with a modular construction system. This makes it easy to choose between different configurations to suit specific user needs. The equipment can easily add or remove modules according to the customer’s order, which facilitates maintenance and servicing and reduces costs.

Sustainability and cost-effectiveness

The SIP DISC HD is not only a powerful mower, but also a machine that contributes to sustainable farming. With an optimised conditioning and raking process and innovative safety mechanisms, it helps to improve productivity and reduce maintenance and repair costs. By producing clean and quality forage, it contributes to better animal production and welfare, thereby increasing farm profitability.


The new generation of SIP DISC HD mowers represents a step forward in professional farming, increasing productivity and quality, and allowing economical operation in variable conditions. With its combination of innovation, flexibility and high performance, it represents a reliable solution for demanding professional users.

New SIP DISC HD also excellent at fair AGRA 2023 in Gornja Radgona, Slovenia

At this year’s Agra 2023 in Gornja Radgona, the company’s new DISC HD 1000 D FS mower shone and won the hearts of visitors and agricultural experts alike. Our new generation of disc mowers, known as the SIP DISC HD, received two prestigious awards – the Gold Medal and the Champion of Quality title.

With this achievement, SIP d.d. confirms its commitment to high quality and innovation in the agricultural sector and confirms its market leadership.

Thank you to all our customers and partners for your support! We will continue to strive to develop cutting-edge solutions for the agricultural industry.

SIP Team