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SALES / News / Keeping the traditional bonds: SIP retirees visit

Keeping the traditional bonds: SIP retirees visit

SIP is a company that values tradition and builds its plans on the experience of the past. This means that the link with former SIPers is very important to us. Until the now almost forgotten Corona period, which made it impossible for us to get together, we invited our retirees to a pre-New Year’s lunch every year. Last year we were unable to do so because of construction work, but this year, after a break of four years, we have resumed the tradition.

The gathering was held in a pleasant atmosphere, with music by the entertainment trio Bučar, who provided laughter and a good mood.

However, as we have made many changes in recent years, one being the SIP centre, and no less in the modernisation of the production, we took the former SIPers on a guided tour of the new SIP centre and production. They were proud to see what the company they were part of had developed into.


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