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SALES / News / EDER partner fair in Tuntenhausen, Germany

EDER partner fair in Tuntenhausen, Germany

This year’s influx of visitors to Eder’s home fair at the company’s headquarters in Tuntenhausen was huge, and SIP was now present as usual.

The on-site parking spaces filled up quickly, and visitors took advantage of the many opportunities, from viewing machines and attachments to live performances and an open-air hardware store that invited the whole family to shop.

In addition to the exhibition and shopping, the fair was also dedicated to the education of Eder Profitechnik partners. Many schools and teachers visited the company in Tuntenhausen and gained an insight into the various educational professions and areas of the company. The highlight was the “Top Education Partner” award from the GZS, which highlighted the cooperation between Eder GmbH and seven schools and educational partners.