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In the field of agricultural machinery service, it is not necessarily you, as the owner of the machine, who decides and chooses the spare parts that will be installed in your machine, or the spare parts that you buy. The repair contractor or replacement parts dealer often chooses for you. He may choose to install parts of inferior quality or even ones that are not allowed. So it can happen that non-original parts will be bought and installed in your machine without your knowledge, which means that you and your machine are consciously exposing you to danger.

As with all other purchases, it is necessary to be extremely careful when buying spare parts and thoroughly check the quality of these. At first glance, some spare parts may seem extremely affordable, but the price of these spare parts must also be taken into account. And if a non-original spare part does not perform its basic function at least at a minimum, then even at an extremely low price, such a spare part is too expensive!

Non-original spare parts, which are often of poorer quality or even banned, can contribute to a significantly higher risk to the safety of you and your machine.

To ensure that your parts are genuine, visit SIP AUTHORIZED SERVICE as part of the SIP service network.

With knowledge, technology, modern materials and in cooperation with professional suppliers, we will provide you with the best possible service, so request SIP ORIGINAL.