Basic information

The new Electronic Communications Act, ZEKom-1, transposed the amended Directive on Privacy in Electronic Communications 2002/58 / EC into Slovenian law. Decisions of the new law come into force on 15 June 2013 and apply to all websites that use web cookies and similar technologies in any way for their operation.

An article has been amended in the Directive that deals with cookies and similar technologies that can be used to store information or retrieve information stored on a user’s terminal equipment (such as a computer, mobile device). The use of such technologies is now possible only with the consent of the user.

The use of cookies online is nothing new, but users are generally very unfamiliar with such technologies, as well as with the tools with which cookies can be managed.

What are web cookies?
A cookie is a small text file that is downloaded to a user’s computer when they visit the website and usually contains:

  • the name of the server from which the cookie was sent;
  • cookie lifetime;
  • value – usually a randomly generated unique number.

The cookie itself does not contain or collect information. However, if it is read by the server along with a web browser, it can help the site perform more user-friendly services – for example, by remembering previous purchases or user account information. Only the server that sent the cookie can read and use this cookie. On a trustworthy website, cookies can enrich the experience. However, cookies can also be used in ways that constitute an invasion of an individual’s privacy. Cookies can be stored for different lengths of time, just for the duration of the browsing session, or much longer.

Website analytics

In accordance with ZEKom-1, IP-RS guidelines and additional IP-RS opinions, some analytical cookies for the use of our own analytics may have already been served when visiting this website. When using third-party analytics, we respect the law and accordingly anonymize your data so that it cannot be used for purposes other than our own website traffic analytics.

You can read more about Google Analytics cookies, their purpose and duration on the Cookie statement website.

If you want to block Google Analytics, you can do so on this website.

List of web cookies on the website
The website, on which you are located, also uses web cookies for its operation. The following is a list of all web cookies used by the website and an explanation of their purpose. Possible third parties are also listed, who can serve cookies via the website

Cookie name
The cookie is associated with the server session and disappears when the session expires or. when you close the website and it is crucial for the operation of the application.

Google Analytics
Cookies are used to collect information on how users use the website. The data helps us improve the solution. Cookies collect data anonymously, including data on the number of users of the site, where users come from and from which pages.

Click here for more privacy information from Google.

An additional web cookie is “cookiesDirective” (1st party) whose purpose is to store information about the user’s decision regarding the use of web cookies and is set by the website where you are. An additional cookie is also “gaDisable” (1st party), the purpose of which is to store information about the user’s decision not to want the Google Analytics cookie to be present on his computer.

If you want to delete Google Analytics cookies from this website, you can do so by clicking on
“I do not agree to the use of cookies.”
If you wish to re-use the Google Analytics cookies on this website, you can do so by clicking on
“I agree to the use of cookies.”

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