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NIEUWS / First SIP Ambassador in Poland – Paweł Ciasnocha

First SIP Ambassador in Poland – Paweł Ciasnocha

SIP Ambassadors are not just our customers, they are partners and promoters who embody our values.

SIP Ambassadors own a complete line of machines – mowers, tedders, and rakes, they are familiar with all SIP technologies and represent them in their region and beyond.

We started the Ambassador program in Slovenia and are expanding it now that we have companies in several countries. The first market to join the program is Poland.


We have chosen Paweł Ciasnocha, a young man who represents the third generation on the home farm, as our first SIP Ambassador abroad.

Together with his family, he runs the Ciasnocha farm, which covers 730 hectares in the Vistula Delta in Poland. Since 2007, they have specialised in the production of high-quality hay, which they produce from a variety of grasses.

The first SIP machine they encountered was the SPIDER 1300|12 T rotary tedder, which impressed them with its quality of spread and robust construction.

According to Paweł, what they like most about SIP machines is that they are designed to last a long time and are also easy to use. He likes simple and robust SIP solutions that withstand the ravages of time.


And what does he think sets the SIP brand apart from the competition?

What sets the SIP brand apart from others in the market is the combination of two characteristics. First, SIP machines are built to last. The quality of materials used, the rigidity of the frame, and the simplicity of deployed technologies—all of those characteristics make a machine able to withstand thousands of hectares of varying field conditions. Second, great customer support. No matter the time of day, if you need help, there is always someone who will pick up the phone and advise you on how to solve the problem you’re having.


Pawełu Ciasnocha also had a bit of a different experience with SIP machines, as he did a student internship in the Development department at our company in Šempeter in the 2023 season.

“During the month I spent at the SIP factory in Sempeter, I saw the creation of the machine, through design, prototyping, cutting, welding, stamping, painting to assembly. I was able to walk on my own on the factory floor and take a closer look at each of the steps. I noticed that from each working station to the whole factory, everything was designed with safety, efficiency and quality in mind.”

“Coming to work at SIP from the perspective of a farmer and engineering student helped me to experience what it takes to design farming machines and what processes are needed to execute the design. What really impressed me after working in the R&D department was the engineers’ eagerness to improve the design of machines, coming up with clever yet simple and robust solutions to problems.”

As the new SIP Ambassador in Poland, he introduces SIP grassland harvesting machines to the neighbouring farms and to all those interested in our machines, answers questions about our machinery and highlights its advantages.