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MÜÜK / Uudised / Landwirt test: SIP STAR R 860 26 TS H side rake

Landwirt test: SIP STAR R 860 26 TS H side rake

SIP has launched a new rotary rake.

Before this model went into serial production, we tested a prototype machine and investigated its usability.

It is a practical test of a trailed side rake with two telescopically adjustable rotors with a diameter of 3.55 m, which can be used to rake the forage into two single side swaths or into one double side swath at the rear rotor. Depending on the position of the rake, the working width varies between 7,20 and 8,85 m.

SIP says that the working capacity of the rake is 12.5 ha per hour. They recommend a 60 hp tractor to operate the machine, but we tested it with tractors between 80 and 120 hp, which also allowed us to work smoothly on a slope.

Depending on the choice of mandatory and optional equipment, the machine weighs around 3 tonnes and is 9.20 m long. In transport position, the machine is 2.95 m wide and, even with the arms attached, is no more than 4 m high. However, if the arms are removed and the protection rails are folded, the height is reduced to 3.4 m.

Our test drivers were very positive about the new arch-shaped chassis design and the high rear axle of the transport frame, which provide plenty of space and a smooth passage over the swaths.

The STAR 860|26 TS rotor rake is available in a mechanical version and a hydraulic version. We tested the comfort hydraulic version with full equipment. This allows hydraulic adjustment of the working height and a hydraulically operated swath curtain. The rotors are hydropneumatically and adjustably unloaded, which requires 2x two-way hydraulic connections on the tractor. It is connected to the tractor by a conventional category II two-point flexible hitch. The external steering mechanism allows a turning angle of 75° in both directions.

The drive consists of a wide-angle input PTO mounted immediately behind the coupling point. The hoses and connections are very well marked and neatly arranged, and there is a practical storage place on the machine for the controller.

The new SIP Z-drive concept is mounted between the two gears and the frame, with the two gears mounted one behind the other. The front gear drives the rear rotor and the rear gear drives the front rotor. This allows for smaller PTO shaft angles and consequently lower loads, ensuring a longer service life. This cardan drive also allows an overall machine length reduction of around 50 cm. Even when the rotor is hydraulically moved to the working position, the universal joint angles remain practically unchanged. The manufacturer recommends between 320 and 450 revolutions of the PTO shaft.

Both rotors are equipped with a 900 Nm safety clutch, have 13 arms and rotate at the same speed.

The rotor angle or curve can be adjusted by using the lever. Our test drivers really liked working with the STAR 860|26 TS. They were impressed by the triple-walking tandem chassis with six wheels on each rotor. Also, when turning, the front rotor lifts slightly before the rear rotor, but adjusting this partial lift is a bit complicated.

On flat and slightly sloping terrain the rake performs very well, but if the terrain is steeper the performance is reduced. This is due to the length of the machine, the weight and the large diameter of the rotors.

The Slovenian company SIP offers a 3-year warranty with no limit on hectares and no additional costs. The hydraulic version used in this test has a price of around €45000, while the mechanical version is around €3000 cheaper.


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