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MÜÜK / Uudised / The forage harvesting season is upon us – quality guarantee and a 3-year warranty for SIP machines

The forage harvesting season is upon us – quality guarantee and a 3-year warranty for SIP machines

Published: 3 May 2023,

SIP forage preparation machines have been helping farmers to harvest their crops since 1954. The leading Slovenian agricultural equipment manufacturer sells more than 5,100 machines yearly. The SIP SILVERCUT DISC 3m mower and the SIP STAR 2-rotor central rakes have become very popular in the Czech Republic.



SIP SILVERCUT DISC for everyday work

What Czech farmers appreciate most about SIP SILVERCUT DISC mowers is their simplicity and user-friendly design, which allows them to repair the machine themselves if necessary. They also appreciate the durability and stability of the machines. The cutter bar is made of high-quality, wear-resistant steel. It has a quick and easy blade change system. The way the discs are protected by individual shear studs is also very practical. This system protects the mower’s gears from damage if the disc suddenly snaps due to a collision with an obstacle. The collision safety system is another protection, which is immediately activated when the disc hits an obstacle. It moves the mower backward and upwards at the same time to prevent damage and automatically returns to its original position when the obstacle is passed. The response of the cutter bar can also be freely adjusted.


SIP SPIDER is an important part of the harvesting process

The quality of the forage also depends on the cleanliness and drying time. That is why the tedders are an important part of the harvesting process. SIP SPIDER tedders are distinguished by their small rotor diameter with tubular spring finger holders. This improves the working capacity and the overall spread, allowing for faster drying of the forage. In addition, each rotor has a separate ground adjustment system, which provides a noticeable increase in adjustment efficiency. The spreading angle can be adjusted from 12° to 18°. The spring tines are of different lengths, with 5 coils and anti-loss protection. The machine is protected by a Walterscheid safety clutch, which is mounted next to the main gear box. It provides protection against overloading of the machine, which usually occurs at the start of the work before the optimum working speed is reached. Despite their size and large working area, they provide very good manoeuvrability and easy operation.


SIP STAR central rakes provide 50% smoother ground tracking

SIP STAR professional central delivery rakes provide high working capacity in a very short time. At the same time, it creates airy and clean swaths, even on uneven terrain. They have a robust steering mechanism that allows a +/- 75° rotation so that the machine follows the tractor perfectly. Thanks to the 3D rotors and the flexible tandem chassis, they are characterized by their clean and precise work. The patented walking tandem undercarriage provides the biggest advantage for the user – 50% smoother and more even copying compared to the standard axle, which is guaranteed even at high working speeds. The modular rotor with maximum cam curve ensures quiet operation and perfect forage deposition even at high speed. The advantage is that the spring tines arm holders have a Teflon casing, which ensures a quiet and long life with reduced maintenance time.


Czech farmers’ experience with SIP machines

I bought SIP machines at the fair. There were not many people in my area who knew this brand, and I think they still don’t. And that’s a pity because the machines do a really good job. What I would like to point out is the durability of the machine and the strong robust construction. This is not just a regular mower that flies behind a tractor and you would be afraid to drive it faster, which I really do not do. But it is also great on rough terrain. The machines are simple and incredibly durable. The SIP is generally a very easy machine to maintain and operate. Changing blades can be done very easily and quickly right on the lawn and no complicated intervention is required. The individual blades can be easily removed with the ypsilon lever and reversed depending on the situation, as the blades are reversible, or replaced with other blades.”

Petr Št’astný, AGRO TS s.r.o.


“The zoo is mowed every day from Monday to Saturday, with one loading wagon per day. The grass is mown mainly in the meadows. We are satisfied with the SIP SILVERCUT DISC ALP front mower because we appreciate its easy handling and very good ground tracking. With a working width of 2.70 meters, the mower makes mowing very easy. Attaching and detaching the mower to the tractor is simple and takes very little time. Only three years after buying the machine, the blades had to be replaced.”
Ing. Jaroslav Prchal, Head of the Forage Department, and Mr Radek Bača, Machine Operator, Brno Zoo.



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