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Fast wilting and the shortest possible drying time is crucial for the production of quality forage.

By spreading as quickly as possible and with the optimal turning of the forage, we can reduce the loss of nutrients and shorten the drying time in the field, thus speeding up the harvesting of forage and reducing the risk of bad weather. Rotary tedders SPIDER are adapted for all types of users. From farms in the mountain and transition areas to medium-sized and large farms and contractors.


SPIDER ALP tedders with four or six rotors are light and durable tedders. Their specific design enables safe work on steep terrain. The innovative design of the rotors ensures optimal spreading or turning of the forage. The rotors are robustly mounted, spring tines holders are flat and made of high-quality steel. The spring tines of different lengths prevent scratching to the ground enabling clean and quality forage without damaging the turf. When working on a slope, using a copy wheel allows the tedder to follow the ground step by step. That ensures that the working depth is always set correctly and the spread is cleaner while the working speed can be higher.

Rotors of smaller diameter with the spring tines of different lengths ensure fast and even spreading without damaging the turf.








The SPIDER tedders from the ROBUST line with four, six, or eight rotors offer a wide range of working widths from 4.5 to 9.15 m. Sophisticated and robustly designed technology with an easily adjustable spreading angle allows fast forage flow through the rotor and evenly spread forage. This shortens the drying time, which significantly affects the preservation of nutrients in the forage. All models of tedders from this line are equipped as standard with a hydraulic wheel steering system that moves the wheels to the left or right when spreading or turning at the edges and headlands, thus preventing forage losses. The spring tines holders on the rotors of smaller diameter are made of round tubes. The spring tines of different lengths are robustly mounted, and at the end of the holder, they are protected from falling out and ending up in the field. Some models of tedders allow the installation of curved spring tines, which are very useful in the case of turning heavy and dense grass, as they lift the forage in two levels and spread it evenly.

The hydraulic cylinder allows the wheels to be shifted to the left or right. That prevents the losses of forage when spreading or turning at the headlands and along the edges of the field.


With working widths from 8.8 to 15.0 meters, the HD line has a wide range of high-performance tedders suitable for large areas. They ensure maximum productivity and even spreading. Despite the large working width, the tedders are completely stable, agile, and easy to maintain. The innovative double-clutch on the drive protects the machine in the event of an overload and thus prevents damages. The linked safety railings prevent the turning system from swinging and ensure stability at work. The pivoting linkage with hydraulic stabilizers is designed to follow the tractor smoothly and to absorb the vibrations during transport. The segmented rotors allow a wide range of vertical adaptation to the terrain. The innovative geometry of the small rotor with round tubes and springs tines of different lengths enables excellent forage flow. Productivity and spreading pattern are improved, while forage stays clean.

The SPIDER 1300 | 12 T with twelve rotors ideally covers the five windrows of the mower with seven discs and 3 m of working width.


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