STAR 1250 30 T

STAR 1250|50 T   

The new design four-rotor rake is equipped with hydro-pneumatic suspension of rotors and SIP patented triple walking tandem axle and enables up to 12,50 metre working width.


Tehnički podaci
Broj ruku na rotoru
13 + 13
Radna širina jednostruki zboj [m]
9,90 - 12,50
Transportna širina [m]
Dužina [m]
Transportna visina sa sklopljenim zaštitama [m]
3,99 (3,2)
Promjer rotora [m]
Broj duplih prstiju po ruci (stroju)
4 (52/104)
16x6,50-8 4 Ply
Potrebna snaga traktora [kW]
Broj okretaja kardanskog vratila [o/min]
Sigurnosna spojka na kardanu rotora (lijevo / desno) [Nm]
Kapacitet [ha/h]
Masa [kg]
Tandem podvozje
Sigurnosna oprema za cestu
Pogonski kardan
- Potrebna oprema,    - Dodatna oprema,   - Standardna oprema

The new design four-rotor rake represents an additional unit in the SIP complete high-capacity harvesting solutions for big farmers and contractors. The hydro-pneumatic suspension of rotors set on the triple SIP patented walking tandem axles provides perfect contour following even at the high speeds. Continuously hydraulically adjustable working width and adjustable cam-track allow optimal swaths formation.


Hydro-pneumatic suspension
Hydro-pneumatic suspension and continuously adjustable hydraulic swath width control allow the width to be adjusted even when working.


Freely movable rotors The rotors are free to move independently of the chassis arms. This also allows 3D tracking over uneven terrain. The height of the rotors is hydraulically adjustable. The tines always stay parallel to the ground, ensuring that raking remains clean at any speed.


The rotor Modular rotors ensure fast work and forage with increased energy value.


Triple walking tandem Perfect ground contour following regardless of the working speed or steepness terrain.


Pivoting gearbox Pivoting intermediate gearboxes on the front rotors ensure longer lifespan of the driveline.


The robust steering mechanism The robust 2-point linkage offers a +/- 75° turning angle.


The Y drive of the rotors The Y-drive of the rotors enables a lower working angle of the PTO shafts ensuring a longer lifespan of the PTO shaft.


Adjustable swath width


Adjustable double central swath width from 1.30m to 2.20m.


The control system The control system (optional) includes a hydraulic rotors-working-height adjustment function, automatic folding and unfolding from transport to work position and separate as well as partial rotor lifting.