S-FLOW linkage is based on the innovative design of the mower mounting cutter bar. The response of the linkage system not only guides the cutter bar perfectly to the terrain but, in combination with the hydropneumatic suspension, ensures even ground pressure and a clean cut across the field.
Maksimalen kot prilagajanja terenu pri S-FLOW priklopu je -6° in +14°
When driving uphill the cutter bar inclines up to +14° and when driving downhill the cutter bar inclines down to -6°. The maximum vertical travel of the cutter bar is from - 200 mm to + 300 mm.    
Maksimalen kot prilagajanja terenu je ± 28° Excellent kinematics leads to perfect adaptation to
the terrain. This provides
efficient mowing and lowers contamination of the fodder.

The maximum angle of adaptation to the terrain is ± 28°.