SPIDER ROBUST-linija 8 rotorski

SPIDER 815|8 T   

The SPIDER 815|8 T is a professional eight rotor tedder with a solid construction. It has a pivoting linkage with stabilizers which enables excellent ground contur following. The angle of the rotors can be adjusted depending on the quantity and humidity of the forage. For tedding near the edge of the pasture the wheels can be shifted to ensure the forage remains on the pasture. Special transport chassis allows transport speeds up to 40km/h.

Rotary tedders

Technical data
Working width (m)
Number of rotors
No. of spring tines per rotor
Rotor diameter (m)
Rotor rotation speed (rpm)
PTO rotation speed (rpm)
Weight (kg)
Required tractor power (kW/HP)
Capacity (ha/h)
Angle adjustment (°)
16 - 20
Safety clutch (Nm)
Machine width (m)
Transport width (m)
Transport height (m)
Transport lenght (m)
Tyre size - rotors
16x6.50 - 8
Tyre size - middle rotors (2x)
16x9.50 - 8
Tyre size - transport frame
10.0/80 - 12
Additional wheel with chain
Anti-wrapping wheel protection
Road safety equipment
Pulled hitch (T)
PTO shaft
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Pivoting hitch

SPIDER 815 T PRO has a pivoting hitch for better maneuverability.


Hidravličen dvig SPIDER 815|8 T is equipped with a hydraulic lift of the outer rotors and a mechanical lock. The lock can be released by pulling the rope from the tractor cab..


Support wheels

SPIDER 815|8 T has support wheels with 3-stage adjustment of spreading height and angle (1) and adjustment for spreading near borders(2).


Spring tines

Spring arm holders made of high-quality round tubes. Spring tines made of high-quality SUPER C steel with five protective coats for a long life time. Spring tines, set parallel to the ground, turn the grass without damaging the turf. The inner tine is shorter than the outer tine.


The dog clutch

The dog clutch