SPIDER 615 6

SPIDER 685|6    

SPIDER 685|6 is a professional high-efficient rotary tedder with six rotors and solid construction. It has a pivoting linkage with stabilizers which enables excellent ground contur following. The angle of the rotors can be adjusted depending on the quantity and humidity of the forage. For tedding near the edge of the pasture the wheels can be shifted to ensure the forage remains on the pasture.

Rotary tedders

Technical data
Working width (m)
Number of rotors
No. of spring tines per rotor
Rotor diameter (m)
Rotor rotation speed (rpm)
PTO rotation speed (rpm)
450 - 540
Weight (kg)
Required tractor power (kW/HP)
Capacity (ha/h)
Angle adjustment (°)
14 - 18
Safety clutch (Nm)
Machine width (m)
Transport width (m)
Transport height (m)
Transport lenght (m)
Tyre size - rotors
15x6,50 - 8
Road safety equipment
PTO shaft
Shock-absorber with spring
Jockey wheel with chain
Anti-wrap shields 16"
Lighting equipment
- Obligatory equipment,    - Additional equipment,    - Serial equipment
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Pivoting linkage

Pivoting linkage supported by stabilisers allows the tedder to follow the tractor easily.


Robust cast iron housing
Robust cast iron housing; gears are submerged inan oil bath for quieter and smoother running.


Rotor and spring tine arms

Rotor and spring tine arms are subjected to higher loads when tedding a heavy crop. Therefore arms are made from thick round tubes which are resistent to extreme torsion. Arms bolted to the rotor are additionaly stabilised from lower side with the reinforcement ring.


Small rotor diameter

Smart concept of the rotor with the small rotor diameter and different shank lengths of spring tines. The crop is picked up from the ground cleanly and transferred back to where the grass isevenly distributed.


Spring tines

Different shank lengths of spring tines for a clean pick up andprotection against the loss of broken spring tines.


Wheels with multi-level height and spreading angle adjustment. For tedding near the edgeof fields it is possible to shift the wheels.