STAR 600-20 T

STAR 600|20 T   

STAR 600|20 T is a double modular rotor rake with 20 individually replaceable tangential arms with four double spring tines, a tandem frame and two height-adjustable rotors with two ball bearings. Designed for two single swaths or one double side swath.

Rotary rakes

Technical data
Working width (m)
3,40 - 6,20 / 6,00
Swath width (m)
0,60 - 1,20
No. of tine arms per rotor (machine)
10 (20)
No. of spring tines per arm
Rotor diameter (m)
PTO rotation speed (rpm)
Recommended PTO rotation speed (rpm)
350 - 450
Weight (kg)
Required tractor power (kW/HP)
Capacity (ha/h)
Working height adjustment
Safety clutch (Nm)
Machine width (m)
Transport width (m)
1,73 - 2,99
Machine height (m)
Transport lenght (m)
7,64 - 8,23
Tyre size - rotors
18x8,5-8 4Ply
Additional wheel with chain
Tandem axle kit
Road safety equipment
The second swath curtain
Double jockey wheel
PTO shaft
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Pivoting rear rotor The tandem chassis and pivoting rear rotor enable ideal terrain conturing.
Additional support wheel:
  • Single support wheel for raking on planes,
  • Double support wheels for raking on inclines.


For crossing over swaths and for transport For crossing over swaths and for transport the rake can be lifted by 470mm with the use of its own hydeaulic system.


Working settings The set for a double swath (1) and the set for two single swaths (2).


Modular rotor
Modular rotor:
  • individually replaceable components
  • minimum maintenance
  • low weight due to high-quality materials
  • long lifespan
  • large module on the gear pair enables the transfer of large torques


Tandem axle
A flexible tandem axle on the rotor chassis provides good ground contouring and higher working speed.


Possible operation witout one arm
In case of damage, possibility to operate without one arm.


Dodatno podporno kolo
The additional support wheel ensures that raking is accurate and efficient, even on rolling terrain. On inclines a double support wheel (option) is advisable.