Podrška kupcima

Podrška kupcima

Podrška kupcima

SIP Customer support is a global network with the mission to offer support to all end users of SIP products.

Goals of SIP customer support:

-    Every machine is handed over by trained personnel.
-    Guarantied 2-year warranty period.
-    Guarantied 10-year availability of spare parts.
-    Constantly reducing the number of warranty claims.





We are here to consult you directly on the field, by email or over the telephone.






SIP world representatives go through education and training at SIP headquarters. SIP training certificate is a mark of professionally trained and technically competent representatives. The representative is qualified to help the customer directly on the field.

Every second year we organize the SIP distributor conference with the aim of exchanging information from the world agricultural market.







SIP Demo team organizes field presentations, which work as an instrument of support to our world representatives.







Every machine is handed over for use by authorized service technician. During the startup the buyer is acquainted with the use, operation and handling of the machine.






Instructions for work, spare parts list, service booklet and mounting instructions are a “must read” for the owner of SIP machine.






SIP provides a 2-year warranty for all machines. The conditions are:

1) filled our service book (with a copy sent to SIP) and

2) machine had to be handed over for use by a trained personnel.







Contact personnel:

Benjamin Žgank
Tel: +386 (0)3 70 38 732
Blaž Cvikl
Tel: +386 (0)3 70 38 525
Tone Laznik
Tel: +386 (0)3 70 38 562
E-mail: anton.laznik@sip.si