AIR 500 T

AIR 500 T   

The trailed pick-up rake AIR T rakes shifted to the side of the tractor’s wheel track. It is a perfect solution for all types of grass, straw and crop residues.

Pick-up rakes

Technical data
Working width - min. (m)
Working width - max. (m)
Swath width - min. (m)
Swath width - max. (m)
Pick-up diameter (m)
Rotor dimaeter (finger conveyor rotor) (m)
Pick-up width (m)
Conveyor belt width (m)
Weight (kg)
Required tractor power (kW/HP)
Recommended oil capacity (L/min)
Capacity (ha/h)
Operating speed (km/h) - up to
Transport frame
Transport width (m)
Transport height (m)
Transport lenght (m)
Tyre size
500/55-20 / 560/45-22,5
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SIP AIR series represent the cutting edge swathing technology. The concept is based on the patented flexible pick-up and conveyor belt. The system provides high performance and significantly reduces contamination.


Transport frame
Transport frame with 2 -point pivoting linkage.


The pick-up unit on the flexible frame
The pick-up unit on the flexible frame with hydro-pneumatic relief system ensures excellent responsiveness to the uneven terrain.


Freely rotating discs
Freely rotating discs are positioned very close to the pickup. The trailed spring tines barely touch the ground for less wear and longer lifetime.


Camless flexible pick-up
The camless flexible pick-up enables better adaptation to the ground and thus allows cleaner raking without any ash content or other impurities. The trailed spring tines barely touch the ground for less wear and longer lifetime.


Finger rotor
The finger rotor in combination with the pick-up ensures the perfect crop flow. Thanks to a smaller diameter of the pick-up and its slow rotation, we can achieve better forage flow with no turbulence. The result is less loss of leaves.


Anti-loss system
The attachment of the anti-loss system consists of one screw with a clam fastening six spring tines. The broken tine remains in the position.


Pick-up drive
The flexible pick-up and the finger roller are driven by the tractor hydraulics.


The conveyor belt
The direction and speed of the conveyor belt are simply carried out by a hydraulic motor.


Perfect adaptation
The 5-metre flexible camless pick-up unit adapts perfectly to the uneven terrain through the overall width of the machine.


Thought out design
The thought out design of the transport frame with the wheels positioned close to the pick-up unit.


Working options
Working with the single trailed unit (left) or in combination with the front mounted machine (right).


Hydraulic system on chassis
The hydraulic system on the transport chassis shifts the machine from the transport position to the work position - to the right or to the left side of the tractor. In addition, the 15° pick-up unit shift option enables smooth raking when dealing with unconditioned forage.


Transport position
The swivelling frame hub and a telescope drawbar place the machine in a compact transport position.