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SIMA 2019


SIP innovations on display at SIMA 2019

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Selection of the largest grass harvesting set of the machines attracted a crowd to SIP’s booth in Paris between February 24th and 28th at SIMA 2019.


The trade fair - which featured 1,800 companies from 42 countries - was held this year for the first time with SIP. Company SIP was there with eight machines displayed on a 610 m² stand. Together with the team from France, we were able to present our latest products to an interested crowd of visitors.


One of the biggest mowers on the world - fifteen-meter mower SILVERCUT DISC 1500 T, tedder with fifteen-meter working width, four-rotor rake and set of new pick-up rakes with AIR 500 T were on display.


Presence at SIMA show was crucial to boost up the development of the dealers' network in France and to strengthen the international brand awareness and recognition of the SIP brand. With currently seven dealers on-board in France, we collected a lot of new leads and opportunities among the final customers and the potential dealers in France and internationally.

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