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4th SIP Dealers Conference 2018  took place on November 23 & 24 in Dobrna and Šempeter in Slovenia and brought together SIP dealers from all over the world 

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This biennial event was a great opportunity to review past work and set new goals for the future. Over 60 guests from 31 organizations and 21 countries gave their time to attend and to contribute. 6 speakers from SIP presents sales results of the past and strategy for the upcoming years, they introduce the SIP product range, innovation and integration, technological trends and upcoming SIP programmes. We also took a look at design management implementation project and SIP service processes. As the SIP is a brand of trust, service support in one of the key areas, beside the quality of the product range. We learned about where we are headed and how will we get there.


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Awards for SIP partners


SIP expressed our recognition of guests excellent work as SIP dealers with awards (SIP Partner, SIP Brand Awareness, SIP Ambasador, SIP Challenge, SIP Start-up, SIP Club 100+, SIP R&D Partner, SIP Golden Gazelle and SIP 1st Export Market.


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65 years of tradition


Next year, SIP will celebrate the 65th anniversary of company’s existence. The brand SIP, originally named Agroservice, has come a long way since then. We are proud of being the biggest producer of agricultural machinery in Slovenia, and being recognized as an Specialist in mowing and grass harvesting. We draw from our experience and long tradition, and we follow the vision to produce technology that meets the highest demands of our users. To honour this anniversary, we are preparing three main events for the next year and you are welcome to join us at these occasions. The first event will happen in February, SIMA show in Paris. The second will be an Open house event at SIP Headquarters in Slovenia, and the third will happen in November - the Agritechnica  show in Hannover Germany. We will be very pleased to host you there.


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