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“They will easily get another season as they are still in top working order.”


Starting out contracting in 2014, Josh Bleeker of Bleeker Ag Services prides himself on offering premium service agricultural contracting in the South Canterbury region.


He operates a mainly baling business along with fodder beet drilling and harvesting to keep the work rates up during the winters. After his first season, Josh was looking for a new set of double mowers to help grow his operation. “I had been looking at every brand and had the opportunity to demo a SIP mower,” said Josh, “We put it into some shitty dead winter grass to test, and I was suitably impressed.”


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“When I first saw SIP, I initially thought it was a cheap, second rate European brand and had dismissed it from my options,” commented Josh. “After the demonstration, I saw the strength of the build and how good the cut quality was. It was harsh conditions for mowing, and I was amazed at how well it floated over the humps and hollows.”


Josh has since moved into SIP SILVERCUT DISC 1000 C triple mower combination, and over the past four seasons of running these, he has put over 12,000 ha on them. “They will easily get another season as they are still in top working order,” mentioned Josh.

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Last year he needed to upgrade his 9m rotary rake, and from his experience with SIP, he liked what he saw with the SIP STAR 1000|30 T double rake"The 10m working width fitted our 10m mower working width perfectly, and along with the hydraulic float and adjustable cam track, I saw it as a no brainer to go to SIP rotary rakes,” said Josh.


“The SIP factory has come out and visited a few times, they are very keen on developing the product further,” commented Josh. “We have seen this as product development on further machines we have purchased. Webbline are great to deal with, it doesn’t matter if it is the weekend or at night, someone is always available, and nothing is a problem,” said Josh. “We have ended up getting a lot of machinery of Webbline, and it is an excellent business relationship.”

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