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The winners of the photo contest


In the past days the photo contest has been held on our SIP Facebook page. The theme of the photo contest was the  challenge for our users of SIP machines to take a photo during their work with our machines and to catch the insipiration moments in people's work. We received more than 70 beautiful photos. A three - member judges selected the 5 winner photographies. The winners received two tickets for the International fair AGRA, which will take place on 24h of August till 29th August 2019 in Gornja Radgona, Slovenia. 


All winning works could be seen below. 





tl_files/novice_2019/2019_08_20_FOTO NATECAJ/Frajham-Pohorje, Aljaz Stern.jpg

Author: Aljaž Štern, Pohorje


tl_files/novice_2019/2019_08_20_FOTO NATECAJ/Lukovica_Miha_Capuder7.jpg

Authorr: Miha Capuder, Lukovica



tl_files/novice_2019/2019_08_20_FOTO NATECAJ/srednje brdo_gartnar_anze_3.jpg

Author: Anže Gartnar, Srednje Brdo



tl_files/novice_2019/2019_08_20_FOTO NATECAJ/Taihape_NewZealand_Vid_Stropnik_sostanj.jpg

Author: Vid Stropnik, Šoštanj (fotografija posneta na Novi Zelandiji)




tl_files/novice_2019/2019_08_20_FOTO NATECAJ/Videm_pri_ptuju_Zvonko_Yampa.jpg

Author: Zvonko Žampa, Videm pri Ptuju


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