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SIP updates SILVERCUT DISC mowers


With many high-speed tractors today, greater security while in transport has become a big issue. The new headstock and supporting arm arrangement for Silvercut disc mowers is designed to provide greater security during transport. Fitted to all-new side-mounted and double rear butterfly units from next season, including the recently-launched 900 C RC, the in-house developed headstock features a higher locking point. The intermediary part which supports the main lift ram and cutter-bar hydraulic relief cylinder, and the main arm that connects to the mower frame, have also been updated.


tl_files/novice_2020/2020-11-11-posodobitve SILVERCUT/SC_DISC_S-2.jpg

FC-finger conditioner units feature plastic tines for precise conditioning, preserving high nutrition value of the forage. Precision conditioning of alfalfa and clovers with consistent material flow through the conditioner is ensured with double driven rubber roller conditioner (RC). Double helix-shaped profile on the rollers uniformly crimp the stalks and protects the leaves against bleaching. High-quality forage and higher yield are a result of SIP rubber roller conditioners.


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