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SIP cyclists on their 10th tour, this year in the Dolomites


Between July 5-7, 2019, seven members of the SIP cycling team embarked on their 10th tour. This year they selected the Italian Dolomites.

They were delighted with the selected cycle path, as the Dolomites have beautifully arranged cycle paths that run through the picturesque alpine valleys and passes. There was an escort van with them all the way, providing them with all the refreshments they needed at their stops. They crossed two crossings: the first day passes Giovo and the second day passes Rombo, which leads to 35 kilometers of ascent. The effort repaid when, after descending from the pass, the route allowed them at some point to be able to descend for about 3 kilometers at an above-average speed of about 90 km/h, which naturally impressed all seven members.


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During this year's cycling, they also tracked down a lot of alpine flowers and did about 100 kilometers in two days, overcoming the 3,100 meters altitude difference. Bravo! During the ascent to the Rombo pass, they encountered an exciting thing: a farm separated by a torrent along the other bank, so the farmer from there supplies everything with a cable car. They were surprised by the high temperature in San Bernardino, because despite being located in the Alpine valley, the thermometer aimed 32 degrees Celsius, but also enjoyed the snow at the top of the Rombo pass, at 2509 meters.

They said that they would return to the Dolomites for their cycling venture, even though the route was not easy. Again, they have not succeeded in setting an easier goal for this year than they had been in previous years. However, they agree that for SIP's round 10th cycling venture, this tour was more than a great choice. They are looking forward to the next one!


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