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Poland Opolagra 2019


We demonstrated the use of the SILVERCUT 340 F, the front-mounted disc mower with S-FLOW linkage, which enables improved field tracking; SILVERCUT 1000 C mower combination, rotary tedder 815|8 THS, central delivery double rotor rake STAR 850|26 T and the front-mounted pick-up rake AIR 300 F.


Visitors were able to see the same SILVERCUT 340 F disc mower with a S-FLOW connection and a 10 meters mowing combination SILVERCUT 1000 C in our showroom. The 11 meters wide rotary tedder SPIDER 1100|10 T and our revolutionary pick-up rake SIP AIR 500 T, operating at a width of more than five meters were also exhibited.


Another great successful SIP presentation abroad!


tl_files/novice_2019/2019-6-14 Opolagra/IMG-20190614-WA0008.jpg

tl_files/novice_2019/2019-6-14 Opolagra/IMG-20190614-WA0006.jpg

tl_files/novice_2019/2019-6-14 Opolagra/IMG-20190614-WA0000.jpg

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