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Karpfhamer Fest & Rottalschau, Bayern, Germany


Between 30th of August and 2nd of September 2019, the Eottalschau was held in Bavaria, Germany, running in parallel with the Karpfhammer Fest. Although the name associates as a local fair, Rottalschau has recently developed into one of the most agricultural machinery fairs in southern Germany. More than 70,000 m² of outdoor space and 6,000 m² of exhibition space are exhibited by companies from all over Germany and from neighboring countries. At the fair, we presented our machines in cooperation with our partners Eder and Götz. 



tl_files/novice_2019/2019-08-30-KARPFHAM_Nemcija/2019-08 Karpfham-3.jpg


tl_files/novice_2019/2019-08-30-KARPFHAM_Nemcija/2019-08 Karpfham-4.jpg


tl_files/novice_2019/2019-08-30-KARPFHAM_Nemcija/2019-08 Karpfham-7.jpg


tl_files/novice_2019/2019-08-30-KARPFHAM_Nemcija/2019-08 Karpfham-8.jpg


tl_files/novice_2019/2019-08-30-KARPFHAM_Nemcija/2019-08 Karpfham.jpg



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