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Alpen - Adria 2020, Austria


Between 17th and 19th of January the Alpen- Adria fair took place in Klagenfurt, Austria, hosting approximately 320 exhibitors from the agricultural sector, forestry, and other agricultural equipment. 

SIP presented its machines in collaboration with partner EZ Agrar from Austria.

Thank you for your visit. 


tl_files/novice_2020/2020_01_17_AGRARMESSE_KLAGENFURT/2020-01-18-Alpen Adria-1.jpg


tl_files/novice_2020/2020_01_17_AGRARMESSE_KLAGENFURT/2020-01-18-Alpen Adria-2.jpg


tl_files/novice_2020/2020_01_17_AGRARMESSE_KLAGENFURT/2020-01-18-Alpen Adria-3.jpg


tl_files/novice_2020/2020_01_17_AGRARMESSE_KLAGENFURT/2020-01-18-Alpen Adria-4.jpg


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