ORION 50 ozadje


Muck spreader with a Gross weight of 5 Tonne with wide track and low center of gravity provide sufficient stability and optimal distribution of manure on almost any terrain.

Manure spreaders

Technical data
Gross weight (kg)
Load capacity (kg)
Weight [kg]
Max. length (m)
Max. width (m)
Max. height (m)
Height of sides (m)
Loading surface (m)
Loading volume (m3)
Drawbar load (kg)
Required tractor power [kW]
Distance between wheels (m)
PTO (rpm)
Brake hydraulic single axle
Brake pneumatic one axle single circuit
Brake pneumatic one axle double circuit
Side walls - steel
Spreading device vertikal - four beaters
Conveyor drive - hydrostatic
Conveyor floor -2 chains 10x31
Drawbar screwed upper or lower
Spreading device protection haydraulic wall
Hydraulically movable rear wall
Tyres 15/55x17
Tyres 11,5/80x15
Tyres 15/55-17 10PR AS -tractor profile
Wall extensions - steel (0,5 m )
PTO shaft
- Obligatory equipment,    - Additional equipment,    - Serial equipment
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universal hitch (low or top).

 Drive: PTO SHAFT with over running clutch (540 rpm).

It comes with a universal hitch (low or top).


ORION 50 ALP has a trapezoidal frame

ORION 50 ALP has a trapezoidal frame with a semiautomatic transmission, and is equipped with a handbrake. Option: hydraulic or pneumatic brake.


Vertical spreading unit Vertical spreading unit with four spreader beaters fitted with easily replaceable wear-resistant spreading segments. If required, the spreading unit can be easily removed.


Side oil-filled reduction gear Side oil-filled reduction gear, which enables steady continuously variable floor conveyor operation using a hydraulic motor. The conveyor can convey forward or backward.


The valve for variable regulation of the conveyor speed The valve for continuously variable regulation of the conveyor movement enables the spreading of a desired amount of manure per hectare. Movement regulation and other commands are carried out from the tractor cab.


The hydraulically controlled moveable back wall The hydraulically controlled moveable back wall enables the spreader to be used as a standard trailer.


The chain floor conveyor has two 10 × 31 chain The chain floor conveyor has two 10 × 31 chains made of high-quality steel, and metal sides onto which extensions can be fitted.