ORION 120    

ORION 120 is a heavyweight professional and robust manure spreader with a monocoque chassis and a gross weight of 12 tones. Despite its large proportions, it is manoeuvrable and simple to use.

Manure spreaders

Technical data
Gross weight (kg)
Load capacity (kg)
Weight [kg]
Max. length (m)
Max. width (m)
Max. height (m)
Height of sides (m)
Loading surface (m)
8,74 (4,60 x 1,90)
Loading volume (m3)
Drawbar load (kg)
Required tractor power [kW]
Distance between wheels (m)
PTO (rpm)
Side walls - welded
Drawbar screwed upper
Drawbar screwed lower
Tyres 500/55-20 12PR
PTO shaft
Hydraulic manure-dosing wall
Hydraulic spreading unit protection
Wheel 500/50-17 14PR
Double-axle hydraulic brake
Double-axle, double-line air brake
Vertical spreading unit - 4 vertical beaters
Horizontal spreading unit, 2 horizontal beaters and 2 horizontal spreading discs
Steel side extensions (40 cm)
Mesh extensions (40 cm)
- Obligatory equipment,    - Additional equipment,    - Serial equipment
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It features a cleverly designed hydraulic system which offers a height adjustable hydraulic manure dosing wall and hydraulic controled spreading unit protection.
Both come as standard.

ORION 120 T version has four vertical beaters fitted with
easily replaceable segments made of wear-resistant
HARDOX steel.


The wide-angle spreading version ORION
120 TH has two graded horizontal beaters fitted with replaceable segments made of wear-resistant
HARDOX steel and two spreading plates fitted under the beaters
which enable fine and even spreading up to 24 m.


The spreading unit can be easily removed and
the spreader can be used as a classic trailer.


The floor chain conveyor consists
of 4 chains dim.
13 × 36 mm and is driven by a hydraulic motor.


Forward and backward
motion of the floor chain conveyor and other functions
can be controlled from the tractor cabin. The easy to use
support leg enables the manure spreader to be raised or
lowered safely when attaching it to the tractor.



The tandem axle with
parabolic springs and
a wide track enables
speeds of up to 40km/h.



The two-way air brake system with ALB offers
increased safety when having to brake when
the manure spreader is fully loaded.


The spreading unit has a special central lubrication system
for easy maintenance of the machine.