The beginnings of SIP go back to the year of 1954. In those days the Agroservice workshop hall performed the maintenance and services for agricultural machinery. Step by step the production of agricultural machinery started to ran parallel with the above mentioned activities.


Rake SONCE (letnik 1962)


In late 1967 the name Agroservice was transformed into SIP. Within the next two years many significant changes occurred. The result was that SIP’s core business became production of agricultural machinery only.

1970’s were the golden ages our company. We invested into the process equipment and expanded the manufacturing surfaces. The R&D department was formed and, together with acquisition of licensees, a line of new products was developed.

This was the base for continuous process of development for new products which are based on our knowledge and experiences.



In 1980’s SIP already had the reputation of being one of the well-known European producers of agricultural machinery. In early 1990’s SIP followed the development drift due to the market needs. This shift resulted in opening of SIP to the West European markets.





SIP from the bird's-eye view



SIP is the manufacturer of agricultural machinery used mostly for mowing, tedding, raking and gathering in fodder, picking and ensilaging maize, and spreading manure. Our programme of production and sell includes also maize mills and besides agricultural machinery offers KTL services as well as powder varnishing and sandblasting.

There is only one location in Šempeter in the Savinja valley on the area of 78,955 m2, of which 33,801 m2 is roofed.