SENATOR 22|9    

Self-loading wagon with capacity of 22m3.

Self-loading wagons

Technical data
Transport length (m)
Transport width (wide track) (m)
2,06 (2,38)
Transport height - max/min (m)
Transport height (low centre of gravity, wide track) - max /min (m)
Volume (max/min) (m3)
Volume DIN11741 (m3)
PTO rotation speed (rpm)
Weight (kg)
Required tractor power (kW/HP)
Number of blades
Pick-up unit width (m)
Max. total weight (kg)
Max. axle load (kg)
Max. load of towing eye (kg)
PTO shaft
Hydraulic attachment for dumping wagon
Hydraulic brake
Hydraulic brake holder
Hydraulic brake holder - wide track
Single-axle, single-line air brake
Single-axle, double-line air brake
Wheel 11,5/80x15
Wheel TY.400 / 50-15 10PR TL
Wheel 15/55-17-10 PR AS- 6LUK. ET-40
Wheel 380/55-17 FLOTATION + 6X ET-40
Wide track
Support leg
Wheel 15/55x17
- Obligatory equipment,    - Additional equipment,    - Serial equipment
Photo gallery
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 designed hitch

The universally designed drawbar can easily be adapted for mounting onto a lower or upper trailer hitch on the tractor.

The hydraulic cylinder on the linkage allows for the entire front part of the wagon to be additionally lifted for an easier transfer of feed into the silo.


The serial holding plate
The serial holding plate ensures that shorter fresh, wilted and dry forage is picked up quickly and efficiently.


The one-piece conveyor unit with four loaders
The one-piece conveyor unit with four loaders evenly transports the forage into the cargo space.


Chain floor conveyor with two chains.
Chain floor conveyor with two chains. The scraper bars are made of a quality material resistant to bending and contortion.


The pick-up unit with five rows of spring flails

 The pick-up unit with five rows of spring flails ensures quick and clean feed pick-up. The roller conveyor unit with four wings and 9 individually protected blades cuts the forage and loads it evenly into the cargo space.


The hydraulic brakes (optional equipment)
The hydraulic brakes (optional equipment) are especially suitable for use on slopes or with small tractors.


Low center of gravity and wide track (optional equipment)
The low centre of gravity and wide track are suitable for operation on slopes (optional equipment).